Vitruvian You
a geometry tool for your iPhone


Leonardo Da Vinci made the Roman architect Vitruvius famous by his now well-known drawing of a man inside a circle and square. They both understood the fact that hidden deep within the human form there is symmetry, and geometry.

With this application, you can explore these hidden relationships. Using any image from your photo album, or one you take on the spot with the camera, you can overlay the geometric template, which contains this "sacred" geometry (the golden ratio - phi - in the pentagon star). You can then scale the overlay as you see fit, and scroll it into position, to test and reveal these proportions, and judge for yourself. Try as many people (or animals) as you like.

The face is the quickest way to reveal this, but the human body itself also contains these proportions, as do the faces of so many animals. For best results, use photographs that are horizontally aligned, and not rotated at angles. You will be amazed at how mathematics, geometry, and nature, all interact, and correspond!

recent updates:
~Major overhaul for iOS 5 compatibility
~replaced pentagon star with a new, sleeker design, easier to use
~added golden rectangle, with internal golden rectangles in a spiral
~added flower of life, with several layers of circles
~added a "black" or "white" setting for any of the template forms
~all three forms can now also be overlaid upon a live camera view, for dynamic sizing and comparisons
~added two-finger rotate feature for all shapes
~pinch to scale feature remains and is augmented
~added double-tap method to reset a shape to its start position
~added sounds for kinesthetic cues


Vitruvian You


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