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*New songs for the jazz musician*

This is a collection of lead sheets conceived in the spirit of the tradition of The Real Book, a collection of unauthorized transcriptions of Jazz standards and show tunes in lead sheet format which has circulated in the Jazz community for years. I have composed a series of 84 instrumental songs encompassing most of the general categories of these now-famous standards: Ballad, Swing, Waltz, Bop, and Straight-Eighths (or Latin). Any musician performing these songs is greatly encouraged to use them simply as starting points, much as one would improvise over a “standard.” Only the essence of the harmonies and melodies need be preserved.

The song list is located under the index button, and is easily navigated by scrolling in the popover view. You can orient your ipad in either portrait or portrait upside-down mode, the music will not display in landscape mode as it is a bit small to read. If you have any questions regarding these works, please contact me, and enjoy!

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