The BindiBrothers


we're building this form or craft and then we take flight and go in and out of this creative fire together

touching the mystery we call in the muse and we're being called

the soul and spirit beings come and dance to this celebration

the music from our hearts is heard and the elders smile effortlessly - we are supported by our ancestors in all of us

it's like we're singing through our beings with our instruments with each other and with our friends and those that are drawn to the circle

it can become a ritual that includes the tribe instead of an audience worshipping demigods

this could be what the spirit and collective consciousness need to express itself

a new fusion of art community music tribal awareness for a planet in desperate need to bring her children together

the harmonizing vocals, setting the groove with the rhythm

indigenous chants

soaring sparkling guitar spirit

interplay of the percussion piano melodic groove bass

polyrhythmic trance drum vibe


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©2003 Bindi Brothers